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Ok, so you want to learn something useful. Great! You look around and find some great study materials. What you may also soon find -- like I did, is there is usually TOO MUCH stuff to learn. So you hit the books (or CD's or what not), and sooner than later, you're forgetting the stuff you learned a week ago.

You need some way of reinforcing the material you learned in the past in order to burn it into long term memory. To retain something in memory, that piece of information needs to be pulled up from the depths of your mind and used. But if you have tons of material for self study to go through, you lose track of which things you have learned and which you need more practice with.

Progress Tracking is Born
The Flip Progressive Learning System used in this program is one that I developed for myself over the span of two years. I began studying Japanese using audio CDs, but I quickly discovered I was forgetting phrases from 5 CD's back.

I needed a solution: a way to track and reinforce the phrases I was learning. And being a programmer, I wrote one. Then I tweaked it a lot and others gave me their input and I tweaked it some more.

In the end, my system would reinforce the phrases I had the most trouble with, and test the items I had learned with less frequency (but still test them at some point). I wasn't forgetting the stuff from 5 or even 10 CD's back anymore because I wasn't wasting my time saying "Hello" endlessly.

So Get To The Point Already...
OK! Long story long, the Flip Progressive Learning System keeps a record of every item that you get right or wrong. It shows you new items only when you have learned the stuff already on your plate.

It intelligently re-tests you on the stuff you got right, to see if you still know it. If you get it right, it waits longer the next time. But if you get it wrong, it remembers and starts testing you on the things giving you the most difficulty. It doesn't do anything randomly except when it first picks a NEW item out from the untested material. If you're failing a lot, you will NOT get new items given to you.

That's an overview of what is happening in the background, and how the system works.